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What is Sea Freight?

Sea freight is a cheap method of shipping goods across the ocean. It is transported in large cargo ships that can handle heavy and oversized cargo. Shipments are tracked as they travel from origin to destination. Electronic tracking systems keep global inventories up-to-date. You can obtain a sea freight quote by talking to a shipping agent or using a sea freight quote comparison tool.

Shipments are transported in large cargo ships

There are many different types of cargo that are transported by large cargo ships. For example, breakbulk cargo includes household items, farm machinery, and vehicle parts. These items need to be stored in a controlled temperature until they are transported. They are typically loaded into barrels, drums, or crates. They are often painted white in order to reduce the amount of heat they absorb and reflect. These types of cargo are also generally faster than other types of cargo ships.

There are three main types of cargo ships. The first is the general cargo ship. These ships are large and can transport all types of freight. They have separate decks and can even carry refrigerated cargo. They may also be equipped with cranes. These vessels are often referred to as multipurpose cargo vessels and are used for both sea and port loading.

Another type of ship is a RoRo vessel, which is designed specifically for the carriage of vehicles. They are an extremely popular form of sea transport. Unlike with air freight, there are no size restrictions on ocean freight. RoRo vessels are also safer for cars because there is no crane required to lift the car onto the ship. Vehicles are also braced to the deck of the ship so that they can be safely transported.

The types of sea transportation are different and should be chosen based on the type of cargo being transported. A general cargo ship has a few small holds, while a cargo container ship has a number of holds and can transport a large number of containers. Different types of ships use different rigging and loading methods, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs.

Al Nowras Sea Freight in Oman

When you need to transport a cargo from one country to another, you can trust the experienced professionals at Al Nowras Sea Freight in Oman. They provide customs clearance services and ship goods between GCC nations. For over 13 years, they have been providing reliable services to a wide variety of clients. They have built long-term relationships with leading companies in the GCC, and their 24-hour customer support ensures that they will get your cargo safely to its destination.


Al Nowras Sea Freight in the Sultanate of Oman offers custom clearance and shipping services within the GCC region. The company has been in business for 13 years and maintains long-term relationships with leading companies in the region. This means that you can rely on their services and experience superior customer service, which is available around the clock. The team is available to answer any questions you may have and to help you find the best solutions for your needs.

The company has offices in Salalah and Wajajah. Its team of experts can clear customs for you and your shipment. The company offers highly personalized service and transparent pricing.

Customs clearance

If you’re shipping goods to Oman or the GCC, you’re likely to have to deal with customs clearance. However, if you’re using AL Nowras as your logistics partner, you’ll be in good hands. Not only do they have long-standing relationships throughout the Sultanate, but they also provide exceptional customer service. Plus, their team is available around the clock to help you through the process.

Whether you’re shipping goods from one country to another, or bringing a large shipment across the ocean, Al Nowras Sea Freight in the Sultanate can handle all of the logistics. They have a fleet of more than 200 vehicles and a dedicated team of professionals. They’ll make sure that your shipment arrives at its destination in good condition and that you’re satisfied with the service. Whether you need help with customs clearance or a quote for sea freight, Al Nowras will be happy to help.

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When you are shipping a shipment to Oman or another GCC country, it is important to choose the right logistics provider. Al Nowras Logistics Solutions is one of the leading logistics providers in the GCC and specializes in customs clearance and shipping goods within the region. It has been providing reliable services to major companies in the region for 13 years. Its customer support is unmatched, and you can always count on them to respond to your queries as quickly as possible.

Al Nowras is a leading logistics provider in the Sultanate with longstanding relationships with local and international carriers. Their staff is committed to providing excellent service and competitive pricing. Their customer service hotline is open 24 hours a day to answer all of your queries.

Spare parts

With more than 50 years of experience in the maritime industry, Al Nowras Sea Freight has built a reputation for exceeding customer expectations. Their highly skilled team provides unparalleled customer support and has more than 200 trucks available to fulfill any shipping need. Their dedicated account managers are available to answer your questions and arrange shipping at competitive rates.

Spare parts are critical to a ship’s operations. Whether a ship has a new engine or a faulty clutch, it is important to be able to order replacement parts in a timely manner. Keeping an efficient supply chain for spare parts can result in significant cost savings. Spare parts that are too long in the delivery process will disrupt the ship’s operations, costing both time and money.

Door-to-door service

The Al Nowras Sea Freight Door to Door service in Oman is an effective solution for your international shipping needs. Their extensive network of partners enables them to provide competitive rates and reliable service. They also have a dedicated team that handles custom clearance. They offer 24-hour customer support and door-to-door transportation.

With a network of offices across the GCC, Al Nowras is well-placed to serve your needs. Their team is professional and courteous, and will handle all the details of your shipment. You can expect your shipment to be delivered on time and without damage. For your peace of mind, they also offer 24-hour customer support and dedicated account managers to help you with any queries or concerns.

They are able to handle oversized, heavy, and bulky cargo

As well as standard sized cargo, sea freight shipping companies are also experienced in shipping oversized, heavy, and bulky cargo. These kinds of shipments often require special equipment, permits, and documentation to move them safely. These cargoes must be shipped in specially designed containers and need special handling and logistic operations.

Most of these cargo types are not broken down into smaller shipments. They can be shipped together with a larger ship, or in multiple separate containers and delivered in smaller ports. This option can also reduce the time spent on deconstruction and reassembling the cargo at its final destination. Most ports are equipped to handle breakbulk shipping, although many are not modernized to load and unload containers.

Oversized cargo can be dangerous and expensive to ship. Sea Freight is the best choice for shipments of this type of cargo. This method is safe and effective. Many countries and companies use the sea to move their cargo from one country to another.

Most factory owners require oversized machinery to be transported. Other industries require oversized freight such as the construction industry and companies that supply heavy raw materials, vehicles, and aeronautical parts. Oversized cargo may not fit in standard container sizes and may need special handling to move from warehouse to origin.

They are cheaper than air freight

If you need to transport large, bulky items, sea freight is cheaper than air freight. However, shipping via sea requires additional handling and costs that air freight doesn’t incur. The vessel that transports your cargo must be built to withstand the conditions it will encounter. Depending on the destination, the ship may be delayed, or the weather may be harsh. Piracy is also a risk, but this threat is rare. Always consult a freight forwarder before shipping and ensure you purchase marine insurance for your shipment.

Another factor that determines the cost of sea freight over air freight is the delivery time. Air freight is typically faster, but it also has more costly delays. A sea freight shipment may take two to three weeks to reach its destination, whereas an air freight shipment might take as little as three days. This can make sea freight a better option for shipping cargo in a hurry. You should book your sea freight service about three to four months in advance to avoid incurring high costs.

Sea freight is cheaper, but air freight is faster. The journey from China to the United Kingdom by cargo ship can take 50-60 days, compared to a three to five-day journey by air. Furthermore, sea freight arrives at ports far away from warehouses, offices, or customers.

Things to Look at in Sea Freight

When choosing a shipping method, it is important to consider a variety of factors. These include the cost, transit time, and Terms of Carriage. These factors can make or break the quality of the service. It’s also important to consider the risks of shipping your goods through the ocean.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

If you want to ship a small shipment from one country to another, LCL shipping is the way to go. These shipments are usually less than 20 cubic meters. Sometimes, a freight forwarder will combine several LCL shipments into a larger shipment. This is a flexible shipping option, and it allows you to ship your goods as soon as they are ready.

Companies that use less than container load shipping can benefit from its flexibility in pricing, scheduling, and shipping protocols. It can also save shippers money on inventory. And since it’s much faster, shippers have more room to change shipping schedules and adapt to changes. Additionally, shipping less than container load shipments can accommodate urgent orders and other business needs that a full container load cannot accommodate.

LCL shipping is becoming a popular option for shippers looking for faster shipping rates and dependable transit times. This shipping method is especially convenient if multiple routings are needed. Often, ocean freight carriers look at multiple options and choose the fastest one. In addition, they also consider direct transports if they are possible and maximum one-stop routes if they aren’t available.

Terms of Carriage

A contract of carriage is an agreement between a shipper and an ocean carrier that specifies the terms and conditions of transportation. This contract is usually in the form of a bill of lading, which serves as evidence of the contract of carriage. When goods are signed off by the importer or received by the carrier, the terms of carriage are considered executed.

In sea freight, terms of carriage are important documents that specify the rights and responsibilities of all parties. A contract of carriage includes the provisions on the amount and mode of transport, as well as other important information. In other words, a contract of carriage will detail who pays what in a shipment. The terms of carriage must be understood and agreed to before any cargo is shipped. These documents should be carefully reviewed and understood by both parties involved.

The International Chamber of Commerce has a list of common terms of carriage. These terms are grouped by their level of responsibility for both the buyer and seller. The highest level of responsibility is carried by the seller. For example, in a contract of carriage paid to, the seller is responsible for the costs of transport and must pay for the insurance element until the goods arrive at their final destination.


In recent years, the cost of sea freight has gone up dramatically. This year, the costs of shipping a 40-foot container from China to the US have been nearly quadrupled compared to a year ago. The increase is mainly due to the uncertainty surrounding US-China trade relations. Lockdowns and shortages of containers and workers have exacerbated the price increases. According to the latest Freightos Baltic Index, the market rate for a 40-foot container has increased by 570% and the cost of shipping a container from Shanghai to Genoa, Italy, has increased by 509%. These rising costs have been a particular burden for SMEs.

These costs are determined by the weight and volume of the cargo being shipped. Standard sea containers can hold up to 20FT of goods, while a 40-foot container can carry up to two TEU. In general, the cost of sea freight is based on volume, weight, and the Bunker Adjustment Factor.

Transit time

Transit time is a term used to describe the time required to deliver your shipment. This time is usually in hours or days, and varies due to several factors. One of the most significant factors in determining the transit time is the distance between the origin and destination port. Because sea freight has so many variables that can impact the transit time, it is difficult to get a guaranteed time frame.

One of the main advantages of sea freight is its speed, though it does have a few drawbacks. While air freight can take up to ten days to deliver cargo to its final destination, sea freight can take as long as 45 days to deliver your cargo. This is why it is important to make sure your shipping company has access to international waters.

Once the goods have been loaded on a ship, the responsibility and ownership of the goods transfer to the buyer. Often, the buyer pays for the shipping charges, offloading fees, and inland transportation costs. Non-containerized sea freight is often billed CIF, which stands for cost, insurance, and freight. The cost of the shipment, including insurance, is listed in the quote. Insurance is necessary in case something happens to the goods.



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